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ComScis: New Paradigms in Computing

Computational Sciences LLC (ComScis), is high-tech Small Businesses, specializing in the development of Innovative Scientific Software, Simulations and Optical Systems Design and Development.

We have the necessary experience, facilities and equipment necessary to successfully perform research and development, including the SBIR/STTR Phase 1 and Phase 2 research. We also know personally and have access to a number of recognized experts in fluid dynamics, computational physics and CFD, and we can formally and informally draw on their experience.

Our offices are all located in Huntsville, Alabama, The research is a collaborative blend of software development, and team members contribute different aspects of their expertise to the overall effort.

The company has primary experience in development of software for simulation of dynamics of complex physical systems including: electromagnetic fields for a variety of applications, fluid and gas flows, turbulent flows, rarefied high-altitude flows with shock waves, reacting and non-reacting all speed flows, artificial neural networks, control systems.