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ComScis: New Paradigms in Computing

Core Competencies

Standard Products

Computational Sciences LLC develops high-performance simulation codes
for prototyping and analysis of a wide class of multi-physics systems.
Examples of systems that can be analyzed include:

  • Electromagnetic Fields, Plasma Devices
  • Obscurant Grenades, multiSpectral
  • Solar Cells for Space, radiation-hardened sensors
  • Multi Resolution Co-Simulations
  • Complex Cooling Systems
  • High Speed (turbulent) Flows: internal/external
  • High Altitude Flows, missile EO-IR signature
  • Controls: Reacting and Unreacting Flows; and
  • Composite Materials Prototyping and Analysis

We specialize in multi-physics, multi-resolution co-simulations
and have developed four following general simulation toolkits:

  • Lacuna-3D: Portable software modules that implement a new advanced numerical technology - the lacunae method (LM), vastly improving numerical efficiency, stability, and accuracy for simulation of 3D electromagnetic problems.
  • Femina3D: All-speed Finite Element flow simulation tool with integrated
    extensions to rarefied gas flows
  • HSCT: High Speed Combustion Transients simulation tool for to liquid fuel (droplet) rocket combustors
  • MP-HEP: MultiPhysics solver for high-energy physics applications including plasma dynamics
  • FVDAM: Finite volume high-temperature simulation tool for composite materials with internal damage
  • CoSim: General co-simulation environment that connects hardware or codes of arbitrary dimensionality
  • CoSim-HVAC: General toolkit for simulating thermal single and 2-phase management designs

Industries Served

Federal Projects

Our codes are designed to serve the following industries and are continuously developing applications for others including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bio-tech
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Hydraulics
  • NASA
  • Process Controls
  • HVAC

Certifications, Facilities and Collaborators

R&D Sponsors

  • Small Business
  • ISO Certification (currently being developed)

Company's computer facilities include numerous high-performance personal computers (PCs) and all commonly used workstation/server platforms. The Company has parallel computing experience and capabilities, also maintains high-speed Internet and intranet communication facilities.

  • Purdue U.; Vanderbilt U.;
  • U. North Carolina; U. California, Berkeley;
  • U. Washington; U. Huston;
  • Rensselaer Poly.; Rochester Inst. Tech.;
  • Stanford U.; U. New Mexico.
  • US Army
  • US Air Force
  • Missile Defence Agency
  • US Navy
  • Grassmere Dynamics

Point of Contact: Maciej Z. Pindera, PhD | 256-468-6458| mzp@comscis.com