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ComScis: New Paradigms in Computing

Core Competencies:

High Accuracy EM Simulations for FRC Plasma Target

  • Electromagnetic Fields, Plasma Devices
  • Obscurant Grenades, multiSpectral
  • Solar Cells for Space, rad-hard sensors
  • Multi Resolution Co-Simulations
  • Complex Cooling Systems
  • High Speed (turbulent) Flows: internal/external
  • High Altitude Flows, missile EO-IR signature
  • Controls: Reacting and Unreacting Flows
  • Composite Materials Prototyping
  • Add-on module contains high-accuracy methods;
  • Reduced computational complexity; and
  • Ease of coupling with the existing codes, e.g. Mach3
  • Multi-Physics Multi-Resolution
    CoSimulation Environment

    MultiPhysics Solver for High-Energy Physics

    CoSim Environment:
    • Connects components of arbitrary resolution
    • Contains controls software suite
    • Displays runtime model dynamics
    • Hardware in the loop co-simulations